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What They Are Saying

“Throughout this great state, enterprising men and women continue to make a difference fostering the business excellences that underlies our economic success. I commend the role that you [GAMA] have played and wish you all the very best as you look toward the many opportunities that lie ahead.”

“The strength of America has always been the people on the ground who support each other and support our troops, and GAMA has done that from their hearts.”

-- Rick Perry,Texas Governor

“GAMA’s is a great story for any immigrant community in the U.S. The quality of the organization’s membership and its dedicated volunteer leadership illustrate what a group of individuals working together with common values and work ethics can achieve.”

-- Ken Williams,CEO of the American Red Cross of Central Texas

“GAMA is doing its part to ensure that those brave individuals who serve their country are not forgotten.”

-- Sada Cumber,former first U.S. envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference

“I appreciate the jobs and opportunities that your businesses create for Texas. The Texas economy has been steady due to business owners and organizations like GAMA.”

-- Geoffrey Connor,Former Texas Secretary of State

“GAMA isn’t the largest of TAs nor the oldest one, but besides supporting its membership, it has been able to purchase real estate to facilitate its ever growing operations, which no other TA has been able to do. Besides monetary benefits received from pre-negotiated deals, members are now able to receive necessary training and support at all levels, whether it’s meeting city, state, or federal regulations with respect to MSB or environmental issues.”

-- Phil Wilson, Texas Secretary of State

“GAMA has reached great heights with the help of its hardworking directors and through the support of its members in complying with the partnering vendors, participating at GAMA events, and supporting the warehouse. Over the years, GAMA has provided great service to its members by providing discounted pricing and educating the members and their employees in areas such as TABC, food manager certificate, TCEQ compliance, AML programs, and safety at work. I view the new GAMA warehouse as a landmark building for the greater Austin community and through it, I hope to see stronger bonds with diverse cultures in the future years."

-- Amin Hemani,former GAMA Honorary Secretary

“In the past decade, the biggest success of GAMA has been the establishment of the Wholesale warehouse and the robust mechanism of delivery. Over the years, I have saved a great deal through GAMA’s efforts.”

-- Julfikar K. Maknojia,former GAMA Vice-President

“Besides benefitting from bulk buying discounts, I have been able to gain insightful knowledge from the many programs GAMA has organized. Being on the negotiating team in the past, I was also able to gain tips on how to negotiate in other business deals.”

-- Mubarak Maknojia,former GAMA Director